Why Your Visitors Aren’t Turning Into Leads

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Why Your Visitors Aren’t Turning Into Leads

Here’s 5 Reasons Your Website Visitors Aren’t Turning Into Leads

Of all the things that our clients come to us with at the beginning of a project, this one is pretty consistent. “How can I get my website visitors to turn into promising leads?” It’s a legitimate cause for concern when your website is not pulling its own weight in your company. Below are a few areas of improvement that you should consider when attempting to get the most out of your website.


Your Visitors Don’t Find What They Need

Consider your website as an extension of your company. It should represent who you are, where you are, and what you do. Someone who has come across your website during their online search already has some sort of vested interest in what you offer. When they enter your site, they should immediately be able to locate and find the more specific information they are looking for, be it a more clear understanding of what your company does or a detailed list of products. If they can’t find what they are looking for, and quickly, you lose them.


Your Website Is All About You

Most websites will contain a small section that has information regarding the company or organization. Some, more elaborate than others. While this is suitable and a popular request from website clients, you must remember one thing; do not make your entire website about yourself or your company. Seems strange, I know, but think about it this way: your visitor has come to you looking for what you can do for them. They have a problem or a need and your website should give them the answer, solution, product or service they are searching for. Be mindful of the fact that your website’s purpose is to cater to your visitors wants and needs, not to inundate them with too much company info.


They Have No Clear Call To Action

They’ve made it to your website. Now what? Upon arriving at your site, your visitor expects to some clear direction as to what the next step is that they should take. Preferably a step that will lead them directly to solving their problem or answering their question. You have to think like a visitor. WHY are they at your site? WHAT are they looking for? HOW can you help them quickly? To turn a visitor into a customer, you must lead them down a clear path.


You Lack A Strong and Compelling Offer

Is your site lacking an offer? More importantly, is it lacking a STRONG, COMPELLING and UNIQUE offer? If you have a clear, strong, benefit driven offer with your site, you are in good shape. Try not to offer the exact same thing every competitor in your industry offers. In other words, what makes your offer for a “free quote” any different from your competitor’s offer for a “free quote”? If everyone is offering it, then, it’s not really much of an offer. Get creative and add your brand’s special touch to stay ahead of the game and really stand out.


The Visitor Doesn’t Trust You

Perhaps you have followed all of the above mentioned tips, and you are still not getting leads from your site. Well, it may be that your visitors don’t trust you. Maybe your offer is TOO good and they are suspicious. Or more often than not, it could be that your website doesn’t look or feel professional enough to make your offer appear legit and credible. Your visitor will subconsciously judge your website immediately. A poor design can cause your visitor to question your business as a whole. A professionally designed website sets your visitor’s mind at ease allowing them to move forward with a possible purchase or inquiry.

And there it is. If you feel your website isn’t doing it’s share of bringing in business, see how you can improve upon any of these possible situations. If you feel it is time to hire a professional to assist with your website development, please contact us. We are well versed on the needs and expectations of a professional and creative website design or re-design, and are ready to help convert your website’s visitors into promising leads.

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